A new round of the NordIB program, 2018-2020, has just started.
Information about the next application period will be announced here in Spring 2020.

The number of students participating in the program is limited to 30. Students are expected to have a strong focus on IB in their thesis. Before entering the program, students should have prior knowledge of scientific methods (e.g. qualitative and quantitative methods). The students must be committed to participating in all modules, and will be visiting the organising institutes during the program. The teaching is provided free of charge (your own institution's rule may apply), but students are required to cover their own travel, accommodation and meal costs.

Priority will be given to students following a doctoral program at one of the organising institutes; however, applications from other institutions are very welcome, and the majority of students typically come from other universities across Europe and beyond.

For enquiries, please contact:

Elisabeth Hallmén
Department of Business Studies
Uppsala University
Box 513
751 20 Uppsala