The NORD-IB program is structured in six different modules and it spans over a one and a half -year period, which corresponds to approximately 6 months of studies. The rest of your doctoral education, including the dissertation, as well as the transfer of the 30 ECTS credits that you will earn from the program, will be handled by the student's own institute.

Each module corresponds to 100 student work hours. The whole program is 30 ECTS (5 ECTS each module). Lectures are concentrated to 2-3 days and will be held at the arranging institute. All modules include a pre-reading package and pre-assignments.

The program consists of 6 modules:


Introduction - Kick-off

Fall Year 1 (October 29-31, 2018) — Helsinki

Overview of the IB field – Research methods in IB

Economic Perspectives

Spring Year 1 (January, 2019) — Leeds

Theory of the multinational enterprise – Foreign direct investment (FDI)

Internationalisation and MNC Management

Spring Year 1 (April, 2019) — Uppsala

The internationalisation process – Network perspectives

Emerging Markets

Fall Year 2 (September, 2019) — Copenhagen

IB in an Emerging Market Context

Social Dimensions of MNCs

Fall Year 2 (November, 2019) — Helsinki

People-related issues in MNCs – Cross-cultural Management

Final Session

Spring Year 2 (February, 2020) — Oslo

Strategy and Culture – Thesis Proposal